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Our Story

When Louises mum, Margaret died very suddenly and unexpectedly in February 2020 she felt woefully unprepared.


There is an argument that one can never be prepared for such a bereavement, however in the months that followed her mothers death Louise began to research the sensitive subjects of death, dying, grief, loss and change and found there to be no real discussion or education available for a life changing event that will effect us all.


Coffin Club In Margarets Memory Community Interest Company (CIC) was founded in February 2023  by Louise and her friends, all of whom bring their unique energy and expertise to the table.


Together we aim to bring  sensitive and educational content to the community in Stourbridge and beyond. ​


We warmly invite you to learn something new about death and dying by following our social media accounts and attending our community events, then please pass that 1 new piece of knowledge on to one other person... together we can empower communities to make informed choices about natural death and funerals, well ahead of any bereavement.


Meet The Team

                 Louise's mum Margaret

in whose memory we set up

Coffin Club In Margaret's Memory CIC

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